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A Licensed Psychotherapist and Certified Theta Well-being Practitioner and Instructor 

Nouf's scientific background in human psychology coupled with her interest in ancient Esoteric knowledge and current practice in human spirituality has been guiding her to seek in-depth information about quantum change human behavior.  She believes in holistic care where she incorporates her understanding of the mind, body, and soul into her therapeutic framework.  

Nouff is a licensed Psychotherapist and certified Theta Well-being Consultant who's self-employed with eight years’ experience in a wide range of psychological disorders.  She graduated with a Master of Science in Clinical and Counselling Psychology from Valdosta State University in Georgia, USA. Nouff had a doctoral-level training in Psychological Assessment and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy from Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. In 2010, Nouf had received an award from the Pennsylvania Psychological Association in her effort to address the need for culturally sensitive mental health services for the Arab Families Community Project.

In 2017, Nouf studied Theta Healing technique (an advanced form of meditation focusing on healing the human soul and reprogramming negative beliefs into positive ones). Since then, she started integrating Theta Healing technique into her therapeutic framework.

In April 2020, Nouff has received an online Award of Excellence, COVID-19 Infection Control Ambassador from Kut university in Iraq        

In her early days of the educational journey, after her bachelor's degree in Psychology, she had received an advanced Diploma in clinical psychology from King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center in Jeddah.

She has comprehensive training and practice in Existential, Humanistic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, and mindfulness therapy. Nouff has extensive experience with a different clinical population with diverse cultures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the USA. Furthermore, Nouff utilizes music therapy and aromatherapy to facilitate and empower the healing and therapeutic process. She believes that human beings have a core connectedness with the Creator and the universal and energetic field.  And most of the problematic thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are related to the loss and misconception of this crucial connectedness.

She incorporates a unique holistic approach (mind, body, and soul) to understanding and healing clients. Specifically, integrating spirituality that is related to epi-genetics and DNA activation. As a result, positive outcomes and quantum change were achieved, as reported by many clients. In 2016, Nouff developed her distinguished theoretical framework that focuses on the following concepts: Awareness, Acceptance, Love, and Forgiveness. According to the central theme of clients’ testimonials, Nouff had helped her clients to achieve awareness about the source of disorders, oneself, and the world. They have reported that significant transformation in their lives and perceptions, and many have been able to resolve their existential issues. Some have also reported cured physical illness such as Herpes, Fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Herpes, and digestive problems.

Nouff is interested in nutrition, frequency and light therapy, cosmology, quantum physics, yoga, religions, ancient history, and knowledge.

Furthermore, she is interested in the power of collective consciousness and the effect of this significant power on the health and well-being of vibrant and civilized nations.  As a result, she Founded “ASCENSION - SA” community service project to help individuals and the collective to co-create their new reality during this challenging time.


When it comes to your psycho-spiritual health and overall well-being, it’s important to have a knowledgeable professional individual you can turn to. Over 8 years, I’ve provided counseling and psychological services to clients with diverse cultural backgrounds, throughout Jeddah in the western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. My expertise covers a broad spectrum of mental health services, and I’m happy to share my experience and qualifications. Check out my qualifications, and email or text me today for a consultation.

Karma Guru Academy

August 2020

Certification of Practitioner from Karma Guru academy and international Peace foundation for HDR certifies 


2017 - 2020

Certification Courses of Theta Healing Technique in Practitioner levels and Instructor levels
Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, Intuitive Anatomy, Dig Deeper, You and The Creator, You and Your Significant Other, You and Your Inner Circle, You and Earth.


2009 - 2012

Doctorate, Clinical Psychology, Incomplete Psy.D


2007 - 2009

Master of Science, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, GPA 3.6


2003 - 2005

High Diploma in Clinical Psychology, Clinical Psychology, GPA 3.2


1996 - 1999

Bachelor of Science, Psychology, GPA 4.2

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