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If you want to change your life on any level, you can only do so by knowing yourself for what it truly is. This knowledge is key to understanding yourself and your role in the Earth School Life game. This workshop contains applications of the information taught, practices of meditation, breath work, and exercises. 

You and Your Real Self is for those willing to learn what makes them unique and different. It's about expanding consciousness by learning a new and genuine concept of oneself. A clear and realistic vision of oneself is associated with empowerment to be the "excellent" version of oneself in the FUTURE. And I use excellent at the point because reaching the best version of oneself is a lifetime journey. So you become mindful of the journey of experiencing so many thoughts and a full spectrum of emotional states in the earth school. You will remember what you have forgotten, that you are here playing your roles, and you shall look at our different roles from a different standpoint. 

Moreover,  This course focuses on practicing mindfulness as students will experience different aspects of a mindful life. It also prepares students to see, hear, and feel the first layer of the inner truth until they know they will be ready to follow on a more profound level. As a result, they will be able to reconnect with their heart intelligence and expand their perspectives and consciousness about their reality.

You will understand some of the essential steps of self-knowledge that would gradually manifest as self-integration (it's a lifelong process where an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behavior are all aligned and coherent. It is also a state related to the "neutrality" level in Dr. Hawkins's scale of consciousness).

To develop a broad deeper perspective about oneself, You will learn:

•Reconnect with your True self: The key to self-knowledge is in Silence. Practice b

•The projection of Self Awareness on the world's awareness

•Sound and color Powerful Self-healing meditation. Practice  

•What is your current state of consciousness?

•Discover  your negative beliefs about yourself that are blocking you from your excellent self 

•Understanding the ego game 

•The big hidden unconscious part of you ( your inner child, genetic self, collective self, past self, your disintegrated psyche reservoir) shapes your identity

•The conscious reprogramming through Heart connection and its alignment with earth frequencies. 

•You and your inner child and find out how your inner child influenced your current intimate relationships and attachment style. Practice: being the best parent of your inner child 
•Past, present, and future self. The multidimensional self

Duration: 4 hours in 4 days
Starting day: 21,22,28,29 March 2024 via Zoom 
Fee: 1500 SAR

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