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How to cure Anxiety using Integrative psychotherapy and Spiritual Healing.

This modern world that is full of illusional programs of fear and separation provides rich environment for anxiety spectrum symptoms and disorders, such as Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Panic disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and Social Phobia (Social Anxiety Disorder). According to my clinical and spiritual experience, anxiety is related to the fear of unknown in which it tangled with existential ignorance. Specifically, not being able to understand how this massive universe is governed by one main source energy that masters every single thing that is created and occurred. Furthermore, when humans feel that perpetual and unresolved anxiety, it means that they are lacking of crucial understanding of the laws of universe. Therefore, humans experience being confused, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed, when it comes to confronting with the mystery of the unknown and being trapped in to focusing on “what is” or the reality that is perceived by the limited 5 senses. In addition, focusing on just “what would happen tomorrow” as opposed to be in the “NOW” or the present. All of that are associated to not being able to control what is and what will come tomorrow due to a lack of trusting creator and so trusting oneself, and lacking of confidence in the way of responding properly to what will happen or come. Anxiety also makes the operating system of humans in a constant survival mode. Consequently, this causes prevention from seeing the reality in conscious way and so evolve as a spiritual being.

Ego dominance is the main component of many psychological disorders including anxiety, ego dominance occurs when a human is barely defined by his persona/personality without taking into the account his spiritual inner being. Listening to negative thoughts or negative self-talk means that humans is being controlled by his ego. Furthermore, understating oneself is limited to race, nationality, religion, career, name, level of success, and fame. Hence, when he/she asked a question to define oneself without these, he/she can’t answer who he/she is. As a result, the connection with a real self is not ingrained in his very self/inner being. He unfortunately confronted with difficulties of existential crises and tremendously influenced by the negative programs of the collective.

Some good questions should be presented to such a human who have been suffering from that fear of unknown, and desiring to control everything around him, so he/she can explore great virtues of trust and faith; “do you trust that the sun will rise tomorrow? Do you believe that the food that you eat will be digested into your stomach? Subsequently, the automatic answer here will be “of course”. From there, he can understand how he is not realizing that he separates himself from the fact that he is part of the main source energy/creator? God. But this is not the end of the unpleasant journey of anxiety, as we need to dig deeper on the unconscious and soul level, where the real reprogramming and unlearning process will take the lead. Cognitive Behavioral therapy, was supported by mainstream psychological framework to alleviate anxiety. I have tried is with many clients in the early years of my practice. However, neither my former clients and my self were satisfied about the results that it must end up with quantum change.

According to my psycho-therapeutic and spiritual healing experience, helping clients to know one self is super important in terms of being aware of who they truly are without the superficial ego-based definition of their identity. Once that awareness is achieved, then client will have an easy way to accept who he is and so the environment/ his perspective of seeing reality, including the goods and the bad

. without awareness and acceptance, the great notion of “Unconditional Love can’t be felt and understood because unconditional love is what gives real meaning to life. The concept of unconditional love is what gives humans value to their existence and so they will understand reasons why they have to experience all of their thoughts, feelings, and reactions. Then forgiveness- the ultimate positive experience- to oneself and the world will bring that sweet sense of inner peace and serenity in which it can’t coexist with fear.

According to Theta Healing technique, helping clients through Theta brain wave along with replacing the old/outdated negative beliefs about oneself, God, others, and the world accelerates the desired result in which it helps to create the great quantum change.

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