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Understanding COVID-19

When the Black Death (plague) hit humanity in the 14th century, it started from China and spread out to Europe. According to modern history, the Black Death had killed up 60% of world populations. Interestingly, this happened during the chaos that was left after the Mongol empire and the fall of medieval era.

The ironic fact about history, is that both pandemics started from China and they are both contagious. However, the plague is contagious bacterial illness and COVID-19 haven’t been recognized in human body in the era of information and outstanding technology!

All of what’s going on right now and what was going on back then is related to the results of extremes... as humanity have been living according to all or nothing consciousness... we are witinssing this by seeing excessive pollution, wealth and poverty, extreme group dominance or separation individuality. And most of all the extreme manifestation of inflated human ego resulted in blind collective consciousness. According to the Abrahamic holy scriptures ( Old and New Testament, and Quran) this psychopathic behavior begun when Cain killed his brother Able and that started the first dark selfish egotistical sin that human could ever do. Cain felt jealous and he faulty thought that he has the supremacy over his brother. This was the dark start that led to human consciousness deterioration!

With the current mass collective egotistical consciousness that is manifested through the extreme negative behavior towards Mother Earth and one another,difficult incurable viral illnesses emerged, such as AIDS and now COVD-19.

Energetically and vibrationally speaking, this is a result of that prolonged imbalance in so many physical and non physical aspects. Luckily, awaken humans, healers, alternative physicians, and consciousness physicians have already know how the physical body is connected to the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. All of them are interdependent and interrelated to one another. From spiritual perspective, losing one’s identity, and unworthiness accompanied with low self esteem and fear weakens the body and so it’s immunity. Most humans forgot their true identities as the Creator successor, as it was mentioned in the Quran

“When your Lord said to the angels, “I am placing a being that will be successor (to one another) on the earth.” they said, “Will You place in it someone who will make mischief in it and shed blood? Yet, doing everything right and well belongs to You, so we serve You. You do in the purest way.”[1] God said, “I know what you do not know.”” (Al Baqarah/The Cow; 2:30).

How many individual across the globe is suffering from the above?? Let’s assume that 70% of the world population have some or all or at least one of the above... this pandemic virus, is teaching us great deal of mindfulness, contemplation, hygiene and cleanliness,strength, patience, courage, collaboration, self care,and faith... to comeback to be real extended source of the creator to be its successors by learning and relearning all of these virtues and slow down the fast crazy pace of this era. Thus, to acknowledge that we can change the repetitive cycle of history and this unfortunate reality by looking at the benefits along with costs of this illness, in which we should have faith that we will over come it by self awareness and self care and care for others and the whole world.

With infinite love and light

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