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Now it's Time!

I am wondering why Plato came up with the surreal thought of UTOPIA? The ideal and perfect City of Light where everyone lives in harmony and happy forever and ever, where the whole society is abundant and prosperous. We all have learned that this notion is 100% unfeasible and unreachable, just because we consider the hardship and difficulties are an inseparable part of life.

We might have a preconceived notion that heaven only exists in a different time and space, and there is no physical place for the garden of Eden since our great father Adam had eaten from that tree. Do you think that we need to read between the lines of the Holy Scriptures? Or even we shall reread them with brand new different interpretations!

The significant part that we know about the history of humanities is that it is full of wars, corruption, and scarcity in which is the best proof of the false ideal City of Light. Hence, our current chaotic modern world proves this wishful thinking. However, don’t we also need to reread history? Shall we look carefully into the lost ancient knowledge? Could we research the archaeological monuments and artifacts? Shall we independently just think for ourselves?

Should we coordinate our hearts and minds' intelligence? Don’t we need to question first and at most the source of our information and whatever we learned formally and informally?

What if we take a deep cleansing breath and just imagen that this conscious City of light Exists? Perhaps most would say it's a waste of time and energy and more of childlike wishful thinking. If we think twice as small or big collective of the fact that we are co-creators of our lives and reality. If we can rethink and re-examine our thoughts and beliefs about oneself and the world around us, we would have the foundation of the new truth.

Now and only Now, the Time to reclaim our authentic power of being Light-beings that were created from the Light, the very soul of the Creator Almighty. What if we genuinely believe that we can create that sophisticated newness through unlearning the old, outdated beliefs and shift the focus on the existence of adversary, sickness, evilness. Can we just rise above all of that? Can we just remember that we are all ONE regardless of where we come from and what language and social class that we belong to?

Now, it's Time...

To unite hearts in one intention, which radiates love and appreciation for all.

To cherish mother earth that is still faithfully holding on and patiently waiting for us to change from within.

To wake up to new great reality.

To see through the illusion of life.

To know that we all deserve to live in harmony. Just to be happy.

To live according to a brand-new standard of Normal

Yes, we can, just if we deliberately think and behave according to the crucial fact that we have forgotten

to cultivate the power of interdependence that stems from a high level of consciousness

To love for others what we love for ourselves

to show some respect to the rest of the creatures that share this planet with us.

Just to think about the UTOPIA while believing in Love as source energy of all creations.


To get ready witnessing Heaven on Earth.

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