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Peak experience and spiritual practice at this time!

Since I genuinely started to realize Abraham Maslow’s theory of the essential human needs, I consider myself a big fan of his approach. First, I like that part of the relationship between self-actualizing and “peak experience” is spiritual transcendence. According to Maslow, peak experience occurs when we feel ultimate happiness, and there is a sense that time and space and the self have been transcendent. Therefore, we feel that we are free of fear and self-doubt. Maslow stated, sometimes all of us have that peek experience, but not everyone is consciously aware of it. He also said that 8 behaviors are leading to self-actualization, and some of them have to do with self-awareness and peak experience. After 9 years of practicing psychology and spirituality, while taking care of my self, these behaviors can be acquired with daily meditation, reflection, and journaling.

As part of my lifestyle, I meditate 3 times a day (morning, afternoon, and evening). I use Theta healing meditation by going through the road map that I have learned from the founder of this technique, Vianna Stibal. I connect to the light of the Creator/Source energy and focus on the connection and focus on this very thought: my soul is part of the Creator and it’s impossible to be separate from it. When I first started my practice, I sometimes feel that I cannot stop thinking about some random. Then when I am aware of it, I refocus my consciousness to be with God/the Light. This great meditation has been allowing me to transcend the world.

A long time ago, I was interested in Sufism (a practice that focuses on the reparation of the heart and turning it away from all else but God) I started to practice it for a while. And I found that the modern practice of Sufism lost its excellent essence, and the prayers and mantras are very time consuming and required so much more dedication than I could give. But, since 2017, I was able to dedicate myself to the constant meditation; it seemed like that God almighty has given me all that I needed.

In addition, I have been reading and listening to “ The Law of Attraction” by Esther Hicks. This concept states that “Law of Attraction is the basis of our world and our universe, and all that is”. Things of like vibration are drawn to each other. It is the law of the universe that governs all the creatures. Once we choose thoughts that feel good (choosing to be aware of peak experience), we achieve vibration alignment with the source of well-being. It helps to understand our relationship with God. It also helps to understand our past, present, and future. However, most important, it will awaken within our awareness of the potency of our power of NOW, in terms of what we actually feel at this giving moment. It teaches how one can be the creator of their own experience and how all of the power of the universe is in our present moment. You can find this information in this book: Ask, And It Is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

I think we can keep striving for self-actualization- the top part of the human needs pyramid, by combining meditation, prayers, affirmation, and focusing on appreciation of self, others, and the beautiful world around us.

Fortunately, the major shift that Earth and Humanity are processing right now in which is positively influenced by the ascension energy. As everything is changing and is accelerating at this exciting time, experiencing the Peak Experience is vivid and readily embraced.

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