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Get rid of fear, anger, regret, guilt, and sadness



If you’re looking for more in-depth quality Couples Therapy sessions where you understand your role in the relationship with your spouse, then you’ve come to the right place. I guide my clients to gain awareness of their genetic programs that contribute to their current thoughts, feelings, and behavior about the relationship with the opposite sex and the spouse. I combined individual sessions as well to guide clients every step of the way, so they implement new functional programs/beliefs to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex




Theta healing is non invasive advanced guided meditation. According to mind science research, reaching to Theta brain wave (slowed and relaxed brainwave) aids is attaining desires such as success, health, abundance. This type of healing has proved its positive outcome right after each session. It is recommended for those who seek deep self awareness and consciousness. in addition, Theta healing has helped thousands of people around the world who suffered from depression, anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain and diseases.




Golden Chakra

Karma Yoga Healing

If you're looking for an in-depth informative professional assessment, a tailored combination of different therapeutic approaches (brief psychodynamic therapy, existential therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy) then choose this unique approach. In addition, Theta Healing is conducted throughout sessions.

  • guidance to help family members to resolve conflict and improve communication.

  • Increase awareness of issues of blending family, extended family and dealing with in-laws. 

  •  Having a cohesive family unit in terms of understanding, accepting, and forgiving one another.

Karma Yoga Healing is a powerful ancient meditation technique that can change brain waves to a delta wave.  
It is a state where the old neurons of failure, damaging programs, experiences, and emotions can be canceled and replaced with new functional patterns and positivity. It enables the practitioner to create a new future and a desirable outcome.

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