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 The Integrative modality for effective healing and quantum transformation 

Who are you really?

Why are you experiencing this life on this Earth?


Why do you think, feel, and behave in a certain way?


It would be best if you had a lot of time and contemplation to answer these basic core self-knowledge questions.

I believe that Ignorance is the source of all evil! Hence, If you are unwilling to be aware of yourself, you are doing a GREAT disservice to your very being, where you are unaware of what has happened or is going on in your mind, body, and soul!

I know deep down in my heart that self-knowledge is essential to sustain and maintain all aspects of spiritual, mental, and physical lives on this planet, so if we decide to go into this journey of self-healing and understanding, we will heal the world and make it a better place, as Michael Jackson would say! So, my desire to live in a better place and spend so much time working and teaching clients through spiritual healing and talk therapy has inspired me to create The AALFJ. 

I have developed The AALFJ modality through years of experience and learning to simplify and break down the complexity of the human psyche, consciousness, individual's unique life story, psychological disorders, and resiliency. I have noticed that 99.9% of clients have had unhealed traumas of varying degrees on different levels (childhood traumas, ancestral traumas, collective traumas, and Earth trauma). The psychological manifestation of unhealed traumas causes fragmentation and disintegration in the human psyche, where the psyche becomes separate and disconnected from the higher self and superconsciousness. As a result, mental, physical, and emotional bodies develop chaotic or specific blockages and impairments. Everyone who has experienced traumas holds prolonged unconscious negative thoughts/beliefs and emotions about themselves, God, and the world. Traumas can manifest in cognitive dysfunctions, psychological disorders, and physical diseases. However,  if individuals are resilient where they are partially or lucky enough to be fully connected with their true selves, they will not develop a high degree of impairment.

As a result of using AALFJ, most of my clients have cried painful, relieving, and happy tears—just like my tears when I let go of trapped emotions through my tone of voice and ignited the power of self-healing. How delicious is the feeling of lightness, clarity, and empowerment after completing the healing process?

My self-love and care journey as an authentic and congruent integrative psychotherapist and consciousness master started in 2017. I attempt to practice what I preach as a human who is driven and passionate about consciousness, mindfulness, and energy work in terms of understanding myself and others, as well as studying, researching, teaching, and working with individuals' consciousness. In addition, I utilize Jungian, existential psychology, and ancient Eastern and Greek philosophies. AALFJ creation also includes my updated functional programs about heart-brain coherence, as suggested by Dr. Joe Dispensa, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce Lipton, and My consciousness Guru, Dr. David Hawkins, as he is the founder of the scale of human consciousness. 

I have found Five main vital points or principles of healing and facilitating therapeutic processes and positive quantum change. Mostly or entirely healed individuals are to go through all of them: AWARENESS, ACCEPTANCE, LOVE, FORGIVENESS, and JOY  (AALFJ). These principles are interconnected through talk therapy, meditation, hypnosis, and healing, in which individuals reunite with their true power and reconnect with their true selves. As unhealed traumas and emotional blockages manifest as physical symptoms and illness, I highly recommend that my clients check their physical health by consulting with their trusted conscious physician, physical therapist, yoga instructor, nutritionist, and functional holistic physician so we can also rule out any physical causes.

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