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Sessions Packages

The therapist and client will decide on these packages according to the client's case and needs, either upon free consultations or the initial session.

Remember the healing journey is lifelong journey and these below packages are initial estimation, as some needs more work than the others, depending on each individual’s case.

5 sessions package should be used within 6 weeks. 6 session package should be used within 7 weeks eight sessions should be used within 9 weeks. All of these packages are significant self-investment where clients will experience quantum change at all levels of their lives as long as they are committed to sessions and some homework and recommendations are given to them within the sessions.

Payment must be done in advance. There is an option of 2 installments and the second installment must be payed before the end of the package

5 sessions online with 10% discount is 3,285 SAR

6 sessions onsite with 15% discount is 3,723 SAR.

8 sessions online with 20% discount is   4,627 SAR

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